Get six-pack abs and a lifestyle that maintains it

Work with a coach, a community, and a suite of tools to help you reach the best shape of your life in 16 weeks. You put in the work, and we keep you on track. Currently in beta, launching publicly in 2022

The Challenges Behind the Best Shape of Your Life

You’ve wanted an athletic physique — six-pack abs and all — but never quite got there. You’ve gone to the gym, you’ve learned about macros, yet those six-pack abs elude you. What’s the deal?

Here’s what we learned. Reaching the best shape of your life involves changing several different things about your lifestyle: from the way you relate to food and movement, to the way you manage sleep and handle stress. Change happens gradually, it takes time and consistency to see visible results. To top it all off, you must do this as your body fights against you — evolutionarily, it’s hard-wired to not want to change .

Given the complexity, the most common approach — what we dub the “hail mary” — is fraught with failure. You the hit gym like crazy and remove all carbs from your diet. A few weeks in, you’re exhausted, and you find the scale doesn’t budge. Your body may have entered a state of famine, and when that happens, it can start to do some weird things like slowing down how much energy you burn, changing your hormone balance, and disrupting your bowel movements. A few weeks and an injury or stress or a few too many days of unexpected eating throws you off track — and now you’re back to square one.

Eventually, you may form the belief that “I have to be crazy about fitness to reach these goals”. Yet, look around you. You surely have a friend or two who’s so fit that you’d be very happy to look like them. Does it seem like they’re suffering, or they get less done than you? Surely there’s a sane way.

Well, there is, but it’s not intuitive. You need to layer a series of changes and incrementally get results. As you progress, you will learn all the “invisible” stuff you didn’t know that you didn’t know. This will enable you to overcome plateaus and continue to make progress. What does the invisible stuff look like? For example, sure you should eat well — but what does that actually mean? What do you do if you’re at a restaurant with friends? Sure you should go to the gym, but what’s the standard you should aim for when you’re there?

Our Search for Results

This is the state we (Joe and Stopa) found ourselves in a few years back. Both of us wanted to get a six-pack and were looking to crack the code. We found Trevor Toy, one of the best personal trainers and nutrition coaches at Equinox, and started working with him to change our lifestyle.

We accrued a list of the invisible changes we made that got us closer and closer to the 6-pack. Outside of working with Trevor, we built a whole suite of tools for ourselves. Joe has been publicly sharing his diet for over a year. Stopa once went as far as hiring an assistant to help him log food. A few months back, we hit on one of the most useful changes: we started a group, where we reflected on and made changes week by week. We noticed significant drops in weight and body recomposition.

It dawned on us: what if we put this all together into a system that helped folks make just the right changes, to achieve serious transformation. There are so many apps out there, but they don’t take on the complete experience. What if we did that?

The Initial Cohort

In June 2021 we did just that. We launched an alpha cohort with 22 guys and began on a journey to transform ourselves.

We started with a Slack Channel and some Google Sheets. Over the cohort, we developed a structure — from content to a companion app — which helped folks make iterative changes. By the end we saw most folks lose significant weight, and they had quite a few good things to say:

I feel it's improving both my body and also my outlook on life. Whilst the end goal is a six-pack, the steps look to be making me a healthier and more well-rounded individual.

I’ve hit an all-time low after I started with consistent. I think having a check-in has kept me accountable about my food choices, and it helps me bounce back when those choices aren’t so hot.

It's the first time I feel I'm making progress towards consciously losing weight.

I love the motivation to actually consistently (hah) work out and eat right. It’s been a total game-changer for my personal fitness to be a part of a group with similar goals and I love it.

It’s worked so well that we’re currently running another cohort (started October), this time it's 16 weeks and paid. In early 2022 we'll be ready for public launch!

A 16 week commitment to change your lifestyle

If you join, here’s what you can expect from the program.

Every day you log your weight, food, and exercise.

This can be daunting, but to enable true change in your health, this is a required step. If you’ve tried logging in the past and failed to do this consistently before, don’t worry — every single person in the program has kept up with it. As long as you’re committed you’ll do well.

Every week, you get a new challenge.

These challenges will progressively change your nutrition, fitness, sleep, and stress habits. You’ll start to see results within weeks. They won’t be a “5-minute” walk level of easy — expect the kind of commitment a side-project at work would require.

You’ll do a weekly review.

At the end of every week, you’ll send a progress pic and a weekly reflection of how your progress is going. We’ll look over all the data, and come up with an action with you, for the challenge to employ next week.

Week by week, you’ll get closer and closer to that ideal lifestyle

What’s expected of you

For this to work, you’ll need to prioritize fitness as one of your top 3 priorities for 16 weeks. This will involve daily hassle (logging your weight every day), a weekly commitment (progress photo + reflection), and changes in your lifestyle (changes in diet and nutrition). These are all achievable if fitness is one of your top 3 priorities — but if you can’t seriously commit, this program isn’t for you.

The program also isn’t for you if you already consider yourself an expert. The folks who do best in the program are open to trying the challenges we offer them. If you’re so confident in what you need to do, that you’re unwilling to follow our structure, this isn’t the program for you.

So, what are you waiting for?

Imagine how proud your future self would be if you reached your dream physique. Join Consistent and be part of a private community working towards the same goal and get access to custom software to visualize your diet, exercise, and progress to keep you on track.

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What kind of physical transformation can I expect?

Within 16 weeks, you can build a sustainable lifestyle that transforms your body, losing up to 8% body fat. If you’re starting out between 14-20% body fat, this translates to six-pack abs. If starting out above that, you likely won’t get a six-pack, but you will see a significant transformation.

What if I have more questions?

You can reach out at any time

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