Make fitness part of your identity.

Consistent is an app which facilitates behavior change to get you in shape, develop dietary intuition, and holistically track your fitness. Be consistent for at least 3 months and we guarantee your relationship with fitness will transform.

Five behaviors to get fit and build a lifestyle to maintain it.

You can lose weight or build muscle by following a specific diet or exercise routine. However, if you don’t stick with those behaviors, it’s only a matter of time before you regress.

We believe fitness is a journey and a lifestyle. There is no one-size fits all solution. Some folks thrive on low carb diets, some prefer low-fat. Some folks enjoy lifting in the gym or going on runs for exercise, others prefer group classes or sports. Part of the fitness journey is discovering what works for you.

Instead of recommending specific diets or exercise, we focus on changing your relationship with fitness through five behaviors.


Daily Weigh-Ins

Daily weigh-ins will give you a pulse of where you are at. They are not an absolute measure of your progress. Sometimes you eat well, but the scale surprises you. Seeing the scale move against you can be de-motivating, but it can provide helpful information. You’ll learn how different foods affect your weight and discover what works best for your body.

Regular weigh-ins is the easiest action you can take to keep fitness top of mind.


Tracking Diet

The main benefit of logging your diet is that it provides observability.

People don’t realize just how much or how little they are consuming until they start logging. When you start recording what you eat, you may be surprised by what you see.

When you record what you eat, you also reveal hidden calories. Snacking, processed drinks, and/or alcohol may add up in ways you did not expect. Explicitly listing these out will make it more obvious what needs to change.

Advanced fitness requires advanced nutrition.

The first step to achieving advanced fitness is gaining awareness. Although logging may feel like a chore, the insights you get from it will be worth it. As you leverage these insights to improve your diet, you will develop an intuition over time.

Once you have a strong intuition, you may no longer need to log — but we encourage you to stick with logging for at least 3 months.


Tracking Exercise

Similar to logging diet, when you regularly log exercise, you get more observability into your fitness.

You’ll know week over week exactly how much you are exercising and moving. You’ll be able to spot trends for when you exercise and when you don’t.

If you currently exercise regularly, you may think this is less relevant to you. If you’ve been consistently doing a group class every MWF, what’s the point of logging?

Well, what happens when you get busy? Perhaps work gets intense. Maybe the family is taking up more time. How often have you thought to yourself in the past, “if only I didn’t stop exercising, I’d be so much further right now.”

This brings us to the second benefit of logging. Logging provides a safety net.

Slippage becomes apparent when you look over your data week over week. When the misses are in your face, and they’re juxtaposed to consistent weeks, you have a higher likelihood of bouncing back and not dropping your exercise habits.


Progress Photos

Every week we’ll prompt you to take a progress photo. Progress photos are another data point. They are not 100% an objective measure of your progress because even with the same conditions, the way you look will be influenced by what you ate the night before. Nonetheless, if you’re making progress, it will show up in your photos.

We understand progress photos are sensitive. All progress photos you add in the app are never uploaded off your device. This means only you can see those photos, and only on the same device you used to upload. So we can’t see your photos, and even if someone logged in to your account on their phone they wouldn’t be able to see them either. We take privacy seriously.



In addition to weekly progress photos, we’ll also prompt you to go through a structured weekly review.

The more you put into reflections, the more you get out of them. That doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of time (10 minutes should be more than enough), but we encourage you to be mindful. The goals of these is to reflect on the previous week and set explicit goals for the following week. Reviews are especially helpful for context when you look back at your hisotrical performance.

How to be Consistent


Set your goal and get your plan

Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, or maintain weight we’ve got you covered. Roll through our onboarding flow to get your nutritional targets and work towards being consistent :)


Build habits through small tasks

Each day we’ll present you an agenda that takes between 5 to 15 minutes to complete. These tasks will help you keep fitness top of mind.


Track your diet and exercise

Logging your diet and exercise is a core part of Consistent. We know first-hand this can be a chore. MyFitnessPal works, but we think you deserve better. We’ve built a custom logger to enable you to track your fitness in less than 10 minutes a day.


Gain action-able knowledge

We’ve got over 175 bite-sized readings spread across 13 weeks to teach you about the key components of fitness as well as tips and tricks to make fitness part of your identity.


See a holistic view of your progress on a weekly basis

Every Monday we’ll generate a report visualizing your weight, nutrition, exercise, and wellness from the previous week. Use this report to uncover trends, compare your performance across weeks, and iterate towards better fitness!

Backed by real results

We tested our philosophy with 40+ individuals across two cohorts. Our first cohort was 12 weeks long with an average and median weight loss of 7 pounds. Our second cohort was 16 weeks long with an average and median weight loss of 10 pounds.

All folks who completed their cohort reported behavior change. Here’s a sample of what they had to say.

Tyler T. (Summer 2021)

I am pretty darn content with my progress throughout this program. I have learned to track my food and to do it consistently, which I think has been the largest contributor to my success so far

(9lbs average weight loss, 12 weeks)

Jon C. (Winter 2021)

Thanks for helping me along this journey yall, been a very educational one and really happy with the result :)

(13lbs average weight loss, 16 weeks, six pack achieved)

Mark S. (Summer 2021)

Seeing that before/after pic rekindled a fire in me. I feel a sense of confidence in reaching my goals that I simply couldn’t access before - not because out of some newfound reservoir of willpower, but because I can lean on the systems and habits I’ve built up over the last ten weeks. I’ve grown to love the process.

(7lbs average weight loss, 10 weeks)

Tim E. (Winter 2021)

I have to say thank you for the journey with you guys! It was a pleasure to get so much insights and I will surely continue on my path. I know where to adjust and if that takes a while - I am ok with it. But for now I am aware of how things should be and how it feels when I align to it 100%

(13lbs average weight loss, 16 weeks)

About us

We’re Joe and Stopa, engineers, best friends, roommates, and business partners. We wanted to get six packs during the summer of 2021 and spun up a free cohort of 20 guys to get fit together.

We got the six packs and were proud of how the first cohort went. This inspired us to leverage our learnings, launch a second paid winter cohort, write a curriculum, and develop the Consistent app.

Consistent is the app we wanted to manage our own fitness. We’re excited to share the app and all our learnings with you.

Try us for free

Your first two weeks are on us! If you like what you see you can then subscribe for $19.99/mo or $79.99/yr (67% off monthly rate). This is the same pricing as MyfitnessPal Premium, more than 50% off Noom, and cheaper than a single one hour session with most personal trainers.

Not only is our pricing competitive, here’s why we’re better value.

Consistent vs MyFitnessPal (MFP)

MFP has an incredible database. But if you’ve used MFP before, you know it can be tedious to keep up with the logging habit. Part of the problem is because MFP focuses too much on accuracy. If you only eat home cooked meals or pre-packaged foods then it’s easy to track with MFP. But what happens when you eat out? Will you try to remember what you ate and log it later? Or will you pull out your phone and log right away despite being out with friends?

Tracking calories while having a social life is notoriously difficult. It can be so annoying that you might stop logging altogether. We’ve been consistently tracking our diet for 500+ days, here’s how.

We believe consistency is more important than accuracy. Having 100% accuracy in your logs is great, but if it’s so difficult to do that you only log 80% of the time, it’s inevitable you will drop the habit. Instead we encourage you to aim for at least 80% accuracy, but tracking is so easy, you can keep up with it 100% of the time.

We built our own diary logger to do just that.

What differentiates us from MFP is our photo-first, meal-centric approach. Instead of needing to remember everything you eat, simply take photos. Snapping a picture is quick, enables you to log later, and provides visual context for what you ate. Inspired by other photo logging apps like Bitesnap, our diary logger allows you to label your photos as meals and tag them with individual food items, automagically calculating calories and macros for you. Later when you eat something similar, it’s easy to search your previous photos and meals for quick logging.

Another benefit of photo logging is that you can actually see your diet. Instead of pouring over text entries, you can see photos of what you ate and get a better sense of your overall diet.

Give our diary logger a try, we’re confident you’ll find Consistent a much better experience than MyFitnessPal.

Consistent vs Noom

Noom sets itself apart from other diet and fitness apps by focusing on the education and psychology behind fitness. We think knowledge is power so we went through their 16-week program ourselves. We also read some of the best books on nutrition from industry-leading PhDs like Layne Norton and Eric Helms as well one of the best certification manuals on sport and exercise nutrition.

Across all these educational materials, adherence to diet and exercise was considered most important for achieving your fitness goals. Our educational content cuts the fluff from Noom, extracts the best parts from the best nutrition books, and adds in our own philosophy, tips, and tricks for being consistent.

You can pay over $300 for Noom and nutrition books to comb through 1000+ pages of content, or you can go through our action-oriented curriculum for less than one-third of the price.

Get in the best shape of your life and learn how to maintain it as a lifestyle

Made with love in New York
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